Paws are precious and we strive to keep them healthy
A healthy pet makes all the difference and we can help
If your pet isn't feeling well don't wait. Please call
The bond between humans and pets is precious
We finally got them to smile, well sort of !
We love animals so much because they bring joy to our lives.
Just precious

Welcome to Padonia Veterinary Hospital
No matter where you live in Baltimore, if you've come across this site, you picked the right hospital for your pet because yours will be treated as beloved family members.

Why Padonia Veterinary Hospital?

We Love

We treat your pet with tender, love, and compassion; that makes all the difference.

We are Reasonable

High quality care doesn't need to be costly. Our prices are among the most competitive in the area. Shop around and give us a call.

We are Responsible

When you are away, your pet is our responsibility. During your absence, we treat your pets the same way you treat them.

We Feel for You

Empathy is sympathy and being a hospital for over 40 years we feel for your suffering as well as the suffering of your sick pet.